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  1. Poornachandra raju


    can any body please let me know how to access the Emerson smart switch and configure the settings
    The admin login with Emerson1 Password its not allowing me to change the settings
    its allowing me view only from user login
    actual problem is in the actual field the smart switch VE6043 not powered up with dual power supply
    but in the switch configuration the secondary power supply was selected i want to modify how can i do it

    please let me know

    1. admin Post author

      depends on the version of DeltaV you are running.
      10.3.1 you can change certain things in the switch with serial cable.
      11.3.1 you will need to use Emerson’s smart switch configuration utility.
      Its a little tricky to find in Books Online, but the topics: DeltaV Network Switches and Media Modules” as well as “Enabling One-Click Lockdown on DeltaV Network Switches”
      The one-click lock down explains how to assign an IP to your switch. Once that is done, its very much like a cisco switch, you can use a web browser to access the switch at the IP you assigned to it (this method will give you a load of configuration options).

      1. Jihad Hanon

        Hi Admin,

        Would you please tell me where I can find the smart switch configuration utility, because I’ve searched in everywhere but couldn’t find any utility like the one that you’ve mentioned.

        Best regards,
        Jihad Hanon


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