DeltaV Problems and Solutions

WARNING Invalid system ID in License String 
This error has been seen when trying to load license files to a DeltaV virtual machine being used for the first time. The license binding is from the original copy of the DeltaV system needs to be broken and rebuilt. To do this:

1)In Physical network, select your simulate node, right click->licensing->unassign license
2)In System Configuration, select licenses, delete the licenses.
3)do a download
4)restart your virtual machine
5)Ensure your dongle key is in the machine
6)ensure the license file that goes with the dongle is on your machine.
From DeltaV explorer
7)File->licensing->Load License File
8)In Physical network, right click your simulate node->licensing->assign license

 Active Support License is Required for this Hotfix
1) Ensure you have the latest support license loaded to your system’s proplus.
2) You must be at the machine you are installing the hotfixes to. It is not possible to install DeltaV hotfixes remotely.

CIOC Not Communicating With Controller
Flashed upgrade the controller with issue with the latest software revision

Newly Installed CIOCs Cannot be Identified
Removed the extender cables

Flash Upgrading Controllers
For flash upgrades, you just have to use the upgrade utility of DeltaV. For your redundant controllers, there should be no issue. But for your simplex controller, you’ll have to look for a window to do that so as not to affect a running process.

Would there be any adverse effect if the controllers are not immediately flash upgraded after installing any controller hotfix bundle?
There would be no effect if the flash upgrade of controllers is delayed until the next plant maintenance. The customer can install the controller hotfix bundle in their workstation and schedule the flashing of the controllers at a later time.

Installation Instructions for DeltaV Systems
For documents on setting up a server for DeltaV, log into guardian and have a look at the KBs
KB AP-0600-0151 Windows XP and Server 2003 Installation Instructions for DeltaV Systems
KB AP-0800-0136 Windows Vista and Server 2008 Installation Instructions for DeltaV Systems
If you plan to make an application station a domain controller that already has deltaV installed, you will need to remove deltaV and then promote the machine as a domain controller. Then, reinstall DeltaV. This also holds for installing remote terminal services and possibly microsoft office.

Adding Windows 7 Workstation to System
I. Instructions/KBA for setting up a windows 7 box to run DeltaV 11 (Similar to but for version 11 and windows 7)
KB AK-1000-0068 Windows 7 and Server 2008 Installation Instructions for DeltaV v11 Systems
KB AK-1000-0092 Windows 7 and Server 2008 Operating System Manual Installation Instructions
II. Procedure that specifies an order for adding machines to a DeltaV network
Aside from the KBA’s above, you can check on the DeltaV Books Online specifically the topic of “Configuring Other Workstations” for details.
Basically here are the procedures,
1. On the DeltaV Explorer in the ProPlus, create a new node with its type depending on the type of workstation that you’ll be adding to the network.
2. Create a workstation configuration file
3. On the new workstation, install the OS and set-up the machine as stated in the KBA’s above.
4. Join the workstation to the domain first (through Windows) before installing DeltaV.
a. Login (locally) to the operator station and use Windows to join it to the Domain (My Computer | Properties | Computer Name tab).
b. Once the workstation is successfully joined to the domain, logoff locally and then re-login as a Domain Administrator, then install DeltaV.

ProPLUS Swap-out Procedure in a Server 2003 Domain Environment
KB AP-05000-0005

InSight Throws OPC Errors and Will Not Load
No OPC connection. Unknown Error: Couldn’t get error string from server.(-2147312566)
ERROR – Failed to Connect To Opc Server.
This application’s database connection has been lost or the server has stopped.

1. Open a command prompt, type net stop deltav
2. Type regall /register
3. When the SERVPWD window opens, either enter the password or click the set to default depending on which is used in your DeltaV system. Please use the same DeltaVAdmin password as the rest of workstations on the DeltaV System.
4. Wait for the utility to finish then restart the machine.

After the reboot, try to use PHV and OPCWatchIt. Also try starting DeltaV InSight.

Having Issues Joining Machines to Domain
Event ID 409

Event ID 4007
Fix: Note- be careful with this and know how your domain is supposed to look
Removed keys from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DNS Server\Zones (any key beginning with server name were removed)

The operation fails because the active domain server installation wizard was unable to convert the computer account ZZZ to an active domain controller account.Access denied
see KBA NK-1100-1055

The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship
Remove machine from the DeltaV domain and put it on mshome network, restart
Put machine back on deltav domain, restart

Enabling DCOM
Type “dcomcnfg” on windows>Start>Run.
Then on the component services right click on “My Computer” and Select “Properties”
On “My Computer Properties” select the “Default Properties Tab”
Verify if the option “Enable Distributed COM on this computer” is checked. (Check if not)

The RPC Server is Unavailable
The issue was due to the “workstation hardening” in DeltaV 11.3.1. It was resolved by clearing the check boxes for the Network Security items in the Group Policy on the Proplus, then rebooting the Application Station for the change to take effect.

 Experience Freezing in the Displays for all the Operator Stations
The issue was resolved by changing the SCU paths in the affected workstations.
The SCU configuration interface is rather ancient but its simple and easy to use.
DeltaV->Installation->DeltaV Operator System Configuration Utility
Choose the folder tree button and you will be presented with the path the workstation is using to reference the graphics.

Failed to Update Current Dataset for alarms and Events Seen on Proplus Diagnostics
Recreate the Alarms and Events Database by performing the ffprocedure.
1. Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the Event Chronicle server (ProPlus).
2. Expand the database folder and delete the Ejournal and EJOverflow databases by doing a right-click then select Delete. Ensure that the option Close existing connections is selected.
3. Close SQL Server Management Studio and launch Windows Explorer. Make sure that the folder DeltaV\DVData\CHRONICLE does not have any Ejournal or EJOverflow files.
4. Stop the DeltaV service from the Windows Services console and then wait about 5 minutes.
5. Restart DeltaV service. This will create a new empty Event Chronicle database.
6. Verify that the new Event Chronicle database has been created by using SQL Server Management Studio. The new Ejournal and EJOverflow databases should now be seen under the SQL databases directory.

Do DeltaV Smart Switches Support VLANS?

I do have to give Emerson credit though, the web interface for their switches is pretty nice.

and no, they will not give you the password to go into ss enable mode for the switches.

Setting up Smart Switches
The use of serial communications is necessary back in DeltaV V10.3 because there is still no Smart Switch Command Center (SSCC).

In v11.3, the DeltaV Smart Switches are commissioned, locked, unlocked, monitored using the SSCC.
The Smart Switch Command Center will create a control module for each switch automatically during commissioning. It is asking for information on which Plant Area this control module will be saved and which Workstation/Node will it run at. You can select AREA_A and the Proplus as a default.

How Yellow Pages Works Graphics auto Update
See KB AP-0500-0084

The graphics will be propagated to the other workstations as soon as you perform a set-up data download. If you don’t want this to happen, uncheck the Displays & Charts from the Auto-Update Service Control. Select the workstation that you don’t want to have the graphics from the list of workstation on the Auto-Update Service Control.

Personally, I like my grpahics to be propagated as soon as their added to a node. I use a script to push the file out to all the pic folders instantly (no download needed) it can be done from any workstation.

If Right Click Menu no Longer Appears in IFIX- Administrator Mode
add the following script to whichever graphic the menu is not working

Private Sub CFixPicture_MouseDown(ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal X As Double, ByVal Y As Double)
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
If Button = vbKeyRButton Then
‘Track #36546 – Removed IEPOP1 on : 12/3/01
frszCreateAnEPMMenu Me, False
End If
Exit Sub
End Sub

IFIX How to Flip or Mirror Objects and Groups
AutoCAD and PI have a handy button for this- not sure why I couldn’t find the button in the DeltaV toolbox
You have to look at the object/group properties
verticalScalePercentage and change to -100 to flip vertical
horizontalScalePercentage and change to -100 to flip horizontal

How Many Datasets are There Per Port in a VIM card
Each VIM is seen by the controller as up to 4 Virtual DeltaV Serial Cards. Each card has 2 port. Each port has 16 datasets and therefore, 32 datasets per card. Each data set can support 100 register values. Therefore, each port can have a maximum of 1600 register values.

OPC Mirror Not Communicating Magenta Values
Ensure installed hotfixes are the same on all DeltaV network consoles.

OPC Point Usage
DCS DeltaV OPC Points Usage

SQL Using a Lot of Memory on PROPLUS
The SQL performance is not dictated by DeltaV, this behavior is typical and is an intended behavior of the SQL Server buffer pool. Please read on the following link for further explanation.

 To see the users currently logged in to each DeltaV WorkStation
1.In the Proplus, open DeltaV Diagnostics.
2.Right-click on a workstation, then select “Remote Client Diagnostics”
3.A window will open showing the active and inactive connections for that particular workstation.

What Constitutes a DST
The following are the function blocks that create DST counts.

AI – Analog Input: One AI DST
ALM – Alarm Detection: One AI DST
AO – Analog Output: One AO DST
CALC – Calculation: One AI DST
DI – Discrete Input: One DI DST
DO – Discrete Output: One DO DST
FFMDI – Multiple Discrete Input: Eight DI DSTs
FFMDO – Multiple Discrete Output: Eight DO DSTs
PIN – Pulse Input: One DI DST

Which Ports and Protocol Does the SOA use to Configure a Firewall
Documentation for setting up SOA can be found from \DeltaV\hlp – SOAAdminApp.chm and SOAGateway.chm. Details about port information and guidelines can be found from Troubleshooting SOA Web Services.

DeltaV Excel Add-In
For this to work, you must be running excel 2003 SP3 or 2007 SP1 or SP2. It must also be runing on a deltaV workstation.

DeltaV Extra Programs
Installation files for these can be found on Disc 1 of your DeltaV installation discs
Campaign Manager Operator Interface
SOA Gateway
Xi Reporter

IOPCBrowseServerAddressSpace::BrowseOPCItemIDs() failed:c0040803
This happened when we had a virtual environment for our DeltaV network. We had a backup of the virtual machine APPS and decided to reload it. When you do this, the proplus gets confused because it already had an identical machine with the same name on the network. Therefore, it will be necessary to
1) Remove the APPS machine from explorer on the proplus, do a download.
2) remove apps machine from network (join to mshome or something other than deltav domain)
3) recreate the apps in proplus explorer, assign licenses
4) export workstation config
5) join apps to domain
6) run workstation config from export in 4
7) download changed setup data from proplus
8) opcwatchit should then be able to brows deltav opce database

DeltaV Operate 10.3 Freezes at 26% Load
Error Number: -2147212502 (8004232a)
A network transaction is in progress

Followed by

Error Number -2147467259 (80004005)
Unspecified error

For some reason when I ran the initial DeltaV install, the hotfixes that came on Disk II wouldn’t load. After manually installing them, the errors in operate went away.
If you are getting the same error in DeltaV, ensure hotfixes DeltaV_103_83333 and DeltaV_103_84615 have been installed from Disk II. After hotfix installation and reboot, check the Microsoft Control Panel to ensure the hotfixes are installed properly. No doubt the latest hotfixes from Emerson would also do the trick and would probably supersede these.

DeltaV and Dell Open Manage
DeltaV is compatible with Dell Open Manage- for details, see KB AP-0700-0071
Certain Versions of DeltaV require certain versions of Internet Explorer that may not be compatible with certain versions of Open Manage. So, we just installed google chrome on all of our servers and use that to interface with Open Manage.

“Failed to Update Current Dataset Information” in DeltaV Diagnostic

For this issue- recreate the Event Chronicle database. If you need the datasets from this existing database, back them up using Event Chronicle Administration You can also use SQL Server Management Studio to backup the EJournal and EJOverflow databases.

Here is the procedure to recreate the SQL Event Chronicle Database:

1) Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the Event Chronicle server: (Machine Name)\DELTAV_CHRONICLE.
2) Expand the database folder and delete the Ejournal and EJOverflow databases by right click/delete. Before clicking the OK button, make sure the “close existing connections” is selected.
3) Close SQL Server Management and launch Windows Explorer. Make sure that the folder DVDATA\CHRONICLE does not have any Ejournal or EJOverflow files.
4) Stop DeltaV service from the Windows Services console (Start > Run > net stop deltav) and then wait about 5 minutes.
5) Restart DeltaV service (Start > Run > net start deltav). This will create a new empty database.
6) Verify that the new Event Chronicle database has been created by using SQL Server Management Studio. The new Ejournal and EJOverflow databases should now be seen under the SQL databases directory.

Refer to KBA AP-0900-0012 “Backing Up and Restoring the Alarms and Events Database on DeltaV v9.3 and Later” for further detail.

How to add a specific workstation node on “Configure Event Chronicle” of Process History View
For you to able to add the workstations on the drop down menu of “events data” you have to enable the Event Chronicle of specific workstation.
The Events Data selection may be any workstation in the system with an Event Chronicle enabled.
To do this, right click on the alarms and events of specific workstation then check the enabled box. A separate license is required if you want to use it in different operator or application station. Check the licensing properties of DeltaV system from the Proplus node and see how many Event Chronicle license you have on the system.

Location of Ejournal File

Graphics iFIX- How to open control module by clicking a graphic object/button
In configure mode, right click, edit script
inside the click method for that button, add the following

frsruntask “cs -m modulename -o”

if you do not wish your module to open in run mode when the button is clicked then:
frsruntask “cs -m modulename”

Workstation Config Throws Errors When Run on App Server
Join the machine to DeltaV domain.
If the errors persist, remove any non-deltav network lines from the machine until workstation config has been run
DeltaV does not work well with other domains. So, if you have a connection to your IT network, that domain could be causing issues in workstation config

Controller Runs Low on Physical Memory
1) Get a module name that is on the controller having the issue
2) On proplus, brows to DeltaV\DVData\powerup\
3) in the powerup directory, search for the module name from step 1
4) open the folder the file is found in
you can now see all the modules in the controller and how much space each one consumes

If the total size of all modules is not that big, but you are out of physical memory on the controller, a download will be necessary (make sure process for the associated controller is down before performing the complete download for that controller).

A controller gets fragmented just like a computer. Fragmenting happens when modules are removed from a controller. A complete download will defrag the controllers physical memory.

Faceplates stop showing up after several hours
Install latest workstation hotfixes

Hardware not showing up as Decommissioned
Reboot proplus

&&& Shows Up in Alarm Banner/Network Transaction Error
Ensure the correct account is logged into the workstation and logged into Operate as well.
Ensure the account is properly setup in user manager.
Ensure latest DeltaV hotfixes are installed.

DeltaV Operate Print Button Throws Strange Errors
Check vbscript for the print button to see if it has been changed from default code.

Determining Timer Server for a Workstation
DeltaV Diagnostics
workstation of interest
NTPServer field
Also take note of other NTP fields for more information

RT_WRITE_ACCESS_DENIED when changing parameter in Operate
Change parameter security from restricted to control

Error Number: 9(9) Subscript Out of Range and A network transaction is in progress
Install hotfixes
Ensure there is network integrity
Reinstall OS and DeltaV

Controllers Not Showing Up After Commissioning
Download controllers

Controller LEDs all Lit When Connected to Power Supply
Make sure controller is properly seated on backplane

Flash Serial Cards Series 2 to Modbus RTU
Run the controller upgrade utility and select the serial card for the I/O module to be upgraded.

Serial Card
manufactured to communicate Modbus only

Programmable Serial Card
requires a special driver from Mynah to communicate over several different protocols weather it be siemens, allen bradley etc…

DeltaV Operate Mouse Misbehaves
Change out mouse
Ensure the time of the workstation matches proplus

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  1. Bob

    VLANS in DeltaV and the Smart Switch

    The reason the smart switch does not support VLANS is because the DeltaV network does not support VLANS. Sure you can use other switches and create a VLAN if you want canT prevent it – not sure why though as you should not be bridging the DeltaV network directly to the plant LAN (this is why people use a VLAN) as it creates a significant security risk and DeltaV is not tested and supported with a VLAN on the network.
    Also you can’t get the password as they do not want you to change the switch config from what is supported.

  2. admin Post author

    well, we had a situation where we had no fibers left and couldn’t get the money to run a new line. We needed a plant lan. So, we took out the DeltaV switches, put in ciscos on eigther end, made vlans out of the plant lan and primary and put them together in a trunk. Primary and plant lan now share the same fiber pair while maintaining isolation of network traffic. seems to work alright.

    1. admin Post author

      Try Hiren’s boot disk. It will allow you to blow away the administrator password on any windows box. It also will piss off the IT department if you do this at work on machines they manage >:]

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    Please help me for the following

    Whether Emerson DCS having restriction in tags in OPC connectivity

    If i dont have the input count for the soft tags in that case how i can order the Emerson system with OPC.

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    Hi All,

    Can anybody provide written-up document for
    “Controllers must be capable of operating stand –alone; such that the controller performs defined control functions and operates uninterrupted in the event of communication loss with the other DCS networked controllers or servers.”

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    How can we enable “what’s this ” on DeltaV so that we can easily access help related to the software in DeltaV?

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    How to enable remote assistance in Delta V system, we are unable to take remote desktop connection of delta V system from other computer we have one machine on that we have installed duel OS Delta V 32 bit and Delta V 64 bit. Please let us know if there is any solution to enabling RDC to delta V system.


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