PI is used to collect process data from many different types of systems and put it in a single database. This database can then be accessed by management and engineering from anywhere- enabling them to check on a process or make decisions for optimizing their business. By using pi to pull process data, you no longer risk overtaxing the memory of your process equipment (many people can simultaneously look at the data should the need arise). For more information, see http://www.osisoft.com/

pi-pb vba where to stick declare statements (Read this First)
pi-pb vba references (Read this Second)
pi-pb vba scrolling marque
pi-pb vba code examples
pi-pb vba EZ plot
pi-pv vba playing sounds from pi

2 thoughts on “PI

  1. zhang dong

    Dear Sir/Mdm,
    The sample code there are very helpful. I like to know how to use VBA to modify Dataset calculation expression in a ProcessBook.

    Thank you and regards,
    Zhang Dong

    1. admin Post author

      It might be good to create a lab tag. Lab tags will allow you to write whatever value you wish to a PI tag and the database will not overwrite it.
      So, you would have a tag ProcessTag, do some calculations on it in your vb, then write it back to your PI LabTag


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