If there was one thing that almost every PCE/IT person could agree on- its that they waste way too much of their time troubleshooting printers. I have 0 interest in printers… which could be why I bust my rear getting them to work. However, I’ve talked with others more savvy than myself and have found they have actually had to sit down and write their own printer drivers due to compatibility issues and lack of vendor support.

Many IT departments don’t even touch printers- instead, they have an outside company manage them. Whenever there is an issue, the 3rd party company/vendor is called (this is quite a delightful solution).

The only pathetic amount of advice I can really give on this topic goes something like this:
When purchasing a printer:
1) make sure its a company that will be around for a while
2) read reviews about the product and look for comments about
i) ease of setup
ii) compatibility across os platforms and versions of os
3) if your part of an IT/PCE department, try to use the same printer everywhere in your network

By the way, to all you printer companies out there- I really don’t like all the bloat wear that you send with your installation disks and its a real pain in the rear going through and removing all the trash.

I’ll include a few pages about some of the steps I took to get various printers working (as issues come up). I hope that it will save someone time and the frustration.

Wireless Printers Troubleshooting

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